Monday, July 15, 2013

Therapy through Drawing
Dr Abe V Rotor

Drawing to calm you down and relax

Drawing to lull you to sleep.

When was the last time you found yourself overactive? Your pulse rate and blood pressure up?
Because you had a bad day in office. Maybe things did not turn out the way you expected. Overworked, or working non-stop. It's indeed a bad day. Or to start a day.

It's so quiet; everyone is asleep, except you. Just don't toss on bed. And don't reach for another shot or  bottle of beer. And don't down that sleeping pill. What you need is to relax until your eyelids become the heaviest thing, and the world closes before you.

How can you handle both? Actually the first and second make a continuum of what psychologists call rest. Rest is when the cares and worries of the world take a leave. A vacation. When fatigue and burden leave the body. Wear and tear stops and rehabilitation takes over. And it's your move to make all these happen. Our biological clock signals Nature call for us to stop, resign and forget things around. It tells us to recharge, to gain back that fresh feeling, that glow, that stride, that sharpness of mind, that disarming smile, that friendliness, that confidence - and all that makes us sing in our work and smile at people. Rest is the denominator of a beautiful life.

If you can't settle down to rest, get a piece of paper and pencil or pen.

"But I can't draw?"

Now, this is not drawing. It is drawing out. Draining out the toxins from your systems, nerves and muscles. Toxins are strayed neuro-electrical charges, unwanted adrenaline, substances from too much of the "good life." You need to take them out, and there's only one way - rest, good sleep, total relaxation, or simply, idleness. Let go off - everything.

Draw without effort. Start with the first model. You can modify it and come up with your own. Be original. Imagine the repetitious structures, their outlines, profiles, silhouettes. Don't copy, this is imagery drawing. Surrender. Let your body go limb progressively. Your pulse rate and heartbeat are now slowing down.

Go to the second model - rhythms. Draw the rhythms of the breeze. The rhythms of the waves. Winds blowing over a pasture or rice field, undulating like the sea. Beautiful music makes a harmonious motion of sound waves that is pleasing to hear. Follow the waves with lines.

Now you are completely relaxed. This is true surrender. Good night.

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