Thursday, March 28, 2013

Can you make a tree smile?

Dr Abe V Rotor
Tagaytay, March 24 2013

Can you really make a tree smile?
Yes, you can, not only for a while,
even when the sky's dark and gray, 
it heralds rain is on the way.

When you know that trees catch the rain
and guide flood water down the drain,
or impound it for the garden and field,
and buffer the storm like a shield. 

When you know the great miracle: 
sunlight transformed to life of all,
and the air is cleaned and cooled
for the comfort of young and old. 
When not to cut for Christmas tree,
firewood, toys, for sale or free;
not for the most beautiful craft, 
for the tree is the finest art.    

When it's home and place to play, 
for transients and tenants to stay,
landmark of the march of seasons 
and the passing of generations. 
Yes, you can, and make the world
happy too, in deed and kind word,
as custodian of trees and others,
all living things are your brothers. ~

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