Thursday, March 14, 2013

UST AB: Review for Communication Art Research finals

Dr Abe V Rotor

A.  Lessons on Cite the advocacy of each for media
      1. Pencil Cap
      2. Agro-ecology
      3. 101 Uses of Vinegar
      4. Wake Up! It’s Springtime.
      5. Natural Aquarium
      6. Rural Entrepreneurship
      7. Vendors are a happy lot
      8. Triumph at the Ebb of Life
      9. Living with Folk Wisdom
    10. The World in Your Hands
(Other assignments included)

B. The Therapeutic Effect of Violin and Nature
       1. How are the Conceptual Framework and the Hypothesis related? Illustrate 
2. What are the top three perceptions of the respondents? What is the negative perception and ranked last?
3. Did the result of the experiment prove the hypothesis correct?
4. What are the limitations of the study? 
5. How did the study relate them to the conclusion and recommendation? 
C. Applied Aesthetic (What students say about Humanities)
       1.  What makes Humanities too broad a subject (and difficult)?
       2.  What are the four parameters of the study? How are they interconnected?
       3.  What are the top three perceived changes the subject brought to the respondents?
       4.  How did the respondents rate humanities with its application to environment?
       5.  Cite the relevance of this research?

D. Research Process
     1.  What is the first step in preparing a thesis proposal?
     2.  What constitute the Research Proper? What is the most crucial part?
     3.  If your finding does not prove the validity of the hypothesis - your thesis is a failure. Is this true? Support your answer. 

E. Ways of research by these great researchers.
1.       Steve Jobs
2.       Alexander Fleming
3.       Louis Pasteur
4.       Charles Darwin
5.       Albert Einstein
(Clue: Hook and line, entrepreneur, continuing, serendipity, Frankenstein, white gown) Other famous names will be asked. 

F. Identify the type of Professor-Researcher
1. He wants to be in control in everything and everyone.
2. Afraid to take the initiative, creature of routine, contented with mediocrity
3. He wears many masks, a jack of all trades, a master of none
4. Excessively devoted or burdened compulsively at something or someone.
5. Incurable critic, always complaining; envious, jealous  
6. He is here, he is not here, imagines success, often unhappy, he is tomorrows child
7. Can’t say no without feeling of guilt, relies on KSP
8. Obsessed with alcohol, smoking, TV, money, car etc.
9. He has insatiable want, forgetting what he truly needs
10. Very organized, always worries, deep inside he does not trust himself.
  (Clue: Control freak, pleaser, pretender, addict, hoarder, cheerful robot, Always Busy and in a Hurry (ABH)

G. Three ways to live a full life (Reference: Seminar lecture by Rev Fr Rolando de la Rosa)

H. Bonus questions   

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