Friday, March 15, 2013

Zooplankton Communities for Growing Prawn

Zooplankton Communities Associated with Growth of Macrobrachium rosenbergii (De Man 1879) Postlarvae in Green Water - a thesis for MS Biology
by Algeline S Herrera (3rd from left).  With her are members of the panel of examiners: Dr Grecebio Jonathan Alejandro (extreme left), Dr Lourdes Aralar (center), Dr Susana F Baldia, and Dr Abercio V Rotor extreme right), and Research Director Carlos P Garcia (second from left). 

Prawn is an expensive seafood.  It costs P350 to P500 per kilo. Here aAn ambulant vendor offers cultured prawn door-to-door in Lagro, QC.    

Zooplankton are indispensable to fishes and crustaceans diet.  Zooplanton groups belong to Rotifera, Cladopora and Copepoda.  

Fourteen representative genera of Rotifera were identified, four for Cladopopra and five for Copepoda.There are 43 taxa of zooplankton identified.  Rotiferans dominated the composite population. The most abundnt Rotiferan is the genus Lecane. 


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