Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunken Pier

Three views of the Sunken Pier in Puerto, Sto. Domingo, Ilocos Sur
Built by the Americans before WW II, it was one of the biggest piers in Asia.  
However, it was heavily damaged by the elements of nature and was never put to use.  What remain today are the remnants of its massive walls and a detached bulk of its terminal.

Abe V Rotor

No, it was not the big gun
that brought you down;
it was old Lamarckian
who brought in the clown.

When not in use, a thing 
degenerates into nothing; 
once a rudiment, 
it is a useless instrument.

The limb of a reptile,
the coccyx of the tail,
Intramuros or Great Wall
are no use at all.

Idleness and uselessness
are a duo in the art of waste;
great indeed is loss in disuse, 
the grey matter's no excuse. ~

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Enigma of the Aminal World

Dr. Abe V Rotor
Lecture on Zoology

 Orangutan (right)

Who came first, with mind closed and eyes blind,
We know who emerged at the dawn
of knowledge and consciousness, leaving behind
an ancestor long humans disown. 

Tukak Ba-ug (puffer frog)

Bellied frog, all but air resounding,
booming, and croaking;
Threatened, it lodges between rocks,
or floats dead feigning.   

Mouse deer

With the likes of the man from Transylvania transformed,
This creature maligned, two kinds combined and deformed.  

Barn Owl

This owl is dead, it's just a specimen,
 so with the wisdom in it and in men. 

Fruit bat

It's a fruit bat clumsy with its load, 
that drops on a roof at night,
scaring children in their bed believing
in a vampire with utmost fright

Sea urchin, spines hang for wind chime

Do you also play the tune in the deep
to wake the mermaids in their sleep? 

 Arupama, biggest freshwater fish

 A giant you are in the Amazon River
Famed of beauty more than terror;
If I were to believe in your being gentle
where have been your friends before?  

 Water iguana

Harmless though frightening you are,  
from the wild now behind bar;
Ugly and ancient people see you  
in their mind millions of years ago. 

Starting termite mound, architecture of a house sparrow bird
 Aestivating toad; snap turtle hatchlings

 A pair of yellow moth.

 Black dots on their wings like eyes,
would-be predators are surprised.

  Red heart pigeons; red parrots

Your heart is bleeding I can see it through,
Need not tell you your love is true;
 but unreciprocated, you are in sorrow,
until you met your kind - a happy duo   
 Kapis shell from which a province is named - Capiz.

 Lanky tree frog (atop a shower head)

 White heron are migratory, arriving in time of rice planting

 Janitor fish comb the pond's bottom for algae and detritus

Queen termite, with king (top) and members of the colony - 
soldiers (big head) and workers. Berkshire breed of pig
Giant blue starfish
Spiny puffer fish; 
black birds (martines) nesting on tree fern atop an acacia 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fisherman's Delight

Abe V Rotor

I envy you my good friend, yours is freedom,
And there's no urgency even in the twilight;
I envy you like Hemingway's old fisherman,
Though his prize catch had never been known;
For I haven't caught a big one or known freedom. ~

Home. Sweet Home with Nature, AVR

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet Memories of Childhood with Nature

Paintings and Verses by Abe V Rotor


How many falls do you tumble all the time?
And songs you sing in rhythm and rhyme?
Oh, you are simply filled with awe and joy.
And I, I wish I were forever a boy -

I ride on your crest, plunge into your floor,
Inside your womb I’m a child once more,
Together we flow, and I’m weaned out to sea
To tell the world of a beautiful story. ~  

Brick Hut 

Small is my home but wide is its lawn;
Its walls solid, its tiles of the earth;
Its windows open to the yard and path
That leads all feet to the hearth.

Vines and herbs they grow wild and free,
They cool my head, they hide the crack,
And the trees call the birds to build their nest,
They shield the sun and the cold gray rock.

Small is my home but wide is its lawn,
Where quaintness reigns and fresh is the air,
Fence there is none, with neither road nor gate;
This patch of Eden, my little lair.

 Bare Trees

Detail of mural (5ft x 12 ft) by AVR 2010
In my dreams I saw a forest fire,
black, red and blue, amber and ash
all that was left by a tragedy,
by lightning or man’s folly.

The sky mourned as clouds came by,
dowsing the old warrior's wound,
and the kin dressed in autumn mood,
to tell a story untold.
Days passed, the memory fades away;
the seed breaks the ground,
rises into a canopy of forest.
It’s time for all to rest. ~

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Environment and Agriculture: People's Green Revolution in the seventies saved us from Food Crisis

Abe V Rotor and Melly C Tenorio
Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid
738 KHz DZRB AM Band, 8-9 evening classMonday to Friday
Gardening in homes, schools, and communities saved the country from food crisis during the El Niño in the early seventies, the worst in recorded history of this cyclical global drought. Green Revolution pioneers, Dr Anselmo S Cabigan and author (left) inspect a school project in Metro Manila - trellised ampalaya. The Philippines attained self-sufficiency in food, and even became a net exporter of rice for nearly a decade.

These gardening models have been developed from studies and observations of successful projects locally and abroad. They serve as guide to participants and listeners of Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid (School-on-Air) to help them in their projects, particularly in times of food scarcity, such as the present situation caused by the El Niño phenomenon.

But even during normal times, these models are useful to gardening enthusiasts, especially children and senior citizens who find this hobby highly rewarding to health and leisure, and as a source of livelihood, notwithstanding. Those who are participating in projects in food production and environmental beautification, such as the Clean and Green Movement, and Green Revolution projects, will find these models similarly valuable.

One however, can modify them according to the peculiarity of his place, and in fact, he can combine those models that are compatible so as to develop and integrate them into a larger and more diversified plan.

One who is familiar with the popular Filipino composition Bahay Kubo, can readily identify the plants mentioned therein with those that are cited in these models. And in his mind would appear an imagery of the scenario in which he can fit these models accordingly.

Here is a plan of a Homesite - an ideal integrated garden around a home in a rural setting. Compare this with Bahay Kubo. Update it. Innovate it according to your concept, situation and needs. Allow innovations as long as these do not lose the essence of the plan. You can even expand the area, adding more features to it. In effect, this Homesite model becomes a model farm, a Homestead - one that has economic and ecological attributes that characterize the concept of sustainable productivity cum aesthetics and educational values.

I invite all followers and readers of this Blog to adopt these models in their own capacities wherever they reside - in the rural or urban area - and whenever they find them feasible, and thus join the movement which PBH has been carrying on in the last twenty years or so.

It is for this nationwide campaign that PBH has earned, among other programs, the Oscar Florendo Award for Developmental Journalism, indeed a tribute to all those who have participated, and are going to participate, in the pursuit of the noble objectives of this campaign.

Keep track with the development of this project, learn more about its practical methods and techniques, and participate in the open forum of the radio program. Most important of all, share with the millions of listeners your experience with your project on how you made it a successful and rewarding one. Which therefore, makes you a resource participant to Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid. Tune in to Radyo ng Bayan DZRB 738 KHz AM Band, 8 to 9 o'clock in the evening from Monday to Friday, with Melly Tenorio and Ka Abe Rotor.