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Self-Administered Test in Home and Garden Management (True or False, 20 Items)

A typical countryside home, Peñablanca, Pampanga

Abe V Rotor and Melly C Tenorio
Paaralang Bayan sa Himpapawid
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1. Beauty and function are two separate things, in the same way as in biology – morphology and physiology.

2. Aesthetics is an art – it is both natural and man-made; it could be a combination of the two.

3. Sanctuary is a home, simulated from the natural habitat of an organism or group of organisms. Sanctuary imp[lies values of kindness, care, respect and understanding.

4. Generally, there are two parts of our garden to landscape – the public area and the private area, which are self explanatory.

5. Home is a call, ancient craving, in fact, biological like the salmon and the dove. It is the same homing instinct of the balikbayan.

6. Home is a fortress and a lighthouse – a thesis of privacy and security, and its antithesis – a beacon to guide and warn others of danger. Home is made by man and perfected by his hopes and dreams. Yes. We can reach the state of perfection, if only we do the best we can.

7. These are great Filipino artists whose works contributed to having our happy home of today: Nicanor Abelardo (poetry), Fernando Amorsolo (painting).

8. These are great Filipino scientists whose works are worthy as well: Nemesio Mendiola (agriculture/gardening); Deogracias Villadolid (tilapia), Leon Ma Guerrero (Medicinal plants), Angel Arguelles (Organic farming).

9. Other great Filipino women whose works likewise contributed to the making of a happy home: Maria Y Orosa (health, specially children’s healthcare), Fe del Mundo (home economics/food art).

10. Even how inadequate may be our home – even if it is located “along the riles”- it comes alive in full bloom when Christmas time comes.

11. A home is a movable feast, referring to Ernest Hemingway’s early novel The Movable Feast. We do not have movable feasts in the Philippines.

12. All homes are efficient in protecting us from ultraviolet rays that causes skin cancer, unburnt carbon and acid rain.

13. Trees are good sound resonators; they enhance volume, and make the pitch of notes clearer and louder.

14. False. A 20-year old acacia tree give a cooling effect in its shade the equivalence of 10-window type air conditioner 24 hours, 365 days a year without any cost of electricity.

15. If plants give off O2 as a by-product of photosynthesis. It is healthy to keep plants inside the house.

16. The best model for a garden is the Filipino style, because it is patterned after the structure of a tropical rain forest.

17. A tropical rain forest is basically made up of four stories just like a tall building: ground plants, shrubs, bushes and small trees, canopy layer, and emergents.

18. The most common canopy trees are most fruit trees, like santol, avocado, mango, while the most common emergent is the coconut.

19. There were twenty callers who shared the definition of Tahanan. Among their definitions is that it is like a nest, after the chicks have grown up and have learned to fly, they leave the nest, so with their parents, and the nest is abandoned.

20. A broken home is the most difficult to bear – broken by divorce, misunderstanding, quarrel, by early death, by prolonged absence – and most especially, by apparent lovelessness. If you belong to this kind of home there are two things you can do. Rebuild it, pick up the pieces and mend them together. The other is to make a new home yourself, and make it the ideal home of your dreams, the ideal home which is the highest expression of our worthiness on earth, and worthiness in heaven.

1. False, both are interrelated – useless each without the other.
2. True, it could be any of the three, but natural is the most authentic.
3. True, the word sanctuario, a religious term, is derived.
4. False. There is a service area, too.
5. True. Homing instinct is biological; it is the ancient gene that dictates our behavior.
6. True. Self-centeredness and altruism are inseparable.
7. False. It is how close we could get to what we call the ideal home that is important.
8. False. Nicanor Abelardo is a music composer.
9. True
10. False, reverse contribution. (Dr. del Mundo – medicine; Dr Orosa (food).
11. True. So with a nipa hut in the middle of a field, a shanties at Payatas, a barang-barong under the bridge – they can compare with a home in Forbes Park or a flat in Manhattan.
12. False. In fact the most popular movable feast we celebrate in the Philippines is the Holy Week, either in March or April.
13. False, unless we have trees and other plants around our dwellings.
14. False. They serve as buffer thus lessening sound, and slowing down sound waves.
15. The concept of a miniclimate in a green home is not true, not for a small corner.
16. False. At night the plant respires just like us human, animals and all creatures for that matter. The by-product of respiration is C02.
17. True. A TRF is multistoried. You can plant more per square area.
18. True.
19. True.
20. True, very true.

19-20 - Outstanding
16-18 - Very Good
13-15 - Good
10-12 - Fair
9 and below - Listen more to Paaralang Bayan
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