Monday, April 9, 2012

Tired and lonely? Just look up and say a verse or a line.

Tired and lonely? Just look up and say a verse or a line
Abe V Rotor

Cirrus cloud in summer, At home, QC

Cirrus clouds into feathers fly,
fly out of the blue sky,
away from the foliage curtain,
and next time, come as rain.

Century-old acacia (Samanea saman), San Ildefonso, Ilocos Sur

People look at you with heads turned up,
to liken you a cephalopod by shape and birth;
your tentacles are watershed to sun and rain,
to cool and quench the thirsty earth;

oh, monster of the sea in Jules Verne's novel,
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea,
long a mystery and now you are free,
transformed into a big, big tree.

Limb of acacia, clothed with moss and epiphytes.
Ateneo de Manila University, Diliman, QC

Is it a veil you are wearing,

to mourn for something you've lost?
or a shawl to keep the cold and rain,
or just an outfit of a ghost?
On the campus where you stand,
you are a friend and a host.

Fiesta, San Marcelino, Zambales

Palo sebo
- a pole coated with fat,
with a handsome reward on its top
to test the young and most daring
from among the village crop.

Norfolk pine (Aurucaria), Angels Hill, Tagaytay

Aurucaria makes each day
Christmas throughout the year,
ever growing tall and green,
celebrating life with cheer.

Kapok (Ceiba pentandra) with mature pods.
The pods dehisce the cottony seeds that ride
on wind for dissemination. UP Diliman QC

The cotton tree makes confetti
in the summer sky and air;
bestowing honor each day
to the simple and fair.

Eucalyptus tree clothed with fruticose
lichen, a relationship called commensalism.
Angels Hill, Tagaytay

Lichen, lichen all over a tree
who is host, who is free?
answers the passing wind
whistling cool and clean

Dita (Alstonia scholaris), UST Botanical Garden)

A Tower of Babel poses this lofty tree,
until some evil men shout, timber!
whatever reason other than money,
lo, it's mankind who loses at the end.

Palace garden, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Taller than any fence,

is life's aim and reference;
so with freedom
from cruel kingdom.

Talisay (Terminalia catappa) about to shed its golden
crown, a deciduous nature of this tree. At Home, QC.

There are those who wait for Spring;
there are those who wait for Summer.
there are those who wait for Winter.
there are those who wait for Autumn
with reference to a single tree changing
its crown season after season,
ad infinitum.

Paoay church and belfry tower glow in a sudden drizzle, Paoay, Ilocos Norte

The rainbow descends in kaleidoscope

to honor the deserving and fit;
but few realize this mystery -
only those humble in spirit.

Nimbus cloud brightens before its falls as rain, QC

When tired and lonely just look up;
wish the dark cloud a silver lining;
better still wish it to fall as rain,
to make the fields and pasture green. ~

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