Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet Memories of Childhood with Nature

Paintings and Verses by Abe V Rotor


How many falls do you tumble all the time?
And songs you sing in rhythm and rhyme?
Oh, you are simply filled with awe and joy.
And I, I wish I were forever a boy -

I ride on your crest, plunge into your floor,
Inside your womb I’m a child once more,
Together we flow, and I’m weaned out to sea
To tell the world of a beautiful story. ~  

Brick Hut 

Small is my home but wide is its lawn;
Its walls solid, its tiles of the earth;
Its windows open to the yard and path
That leads all feet to the hearth.

Vines and herbs they grow wild and free,
They cool my head, they hide the crack,
And the trees call the birds to build their nest,
They shield the sun and the cold gray rock.

Small is my home but wide is its lawn,
Where quaintness reigns and fresh is the air,
Fence there is none, with neither road nor gate;
This patch of Eden, my little lair.

 Bare Trees

Detail of mural (5ft x 12 ft) by AVR 2010
In my dreams I saw a forest fire,
black, red and blue, amber and ash
all that was left by a tragedy,
by lightning or man’s folly.

The sky mourned as clouds came by,
dowsing the old warrior's wound,
and the kin dressed in autumn mood,
to tell a story untold.
Days passed, the memory fades away;
the seed breaks the ground,
rises into a canopy of forest.
It’s time for all to rest. ~

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