Monday, April 2, 2012

UST-AB Photography Review: Capturing Emotions

Abe V Rotor
Even without caption there are photographs such as this that are filled with emotion - feelings and moods often associated with personal experience.

We often observe this scene during passionate moments, when tragedy strikes, on receiving a shocking news, when one has lost hope to live. It could be the opposite: rejoice in the birth of a child, on winning a lottery or a highly contended title, on exchanging vows, on recovery from a serious illness, and the like.

Observance of the Lenten Season brings scenes that offer the artist the opportunity to capture deep personal feelings. Real feelings however, are extremely difficult to capture in photographs and in words. Great skill is needed to be able to succeed. Thus this subject of art in perhaps the most elusive, yet the most challenging. AVR

Crucified Christ, St. Paul University QC Garden.

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