Friday, April 6, 2012

Cat on an Icon's Lap
Abe V Rotor

Photography and Art: With today's digital camera, all you have to do is "point and shoot" at any subject, openly or discreetly. With virtually limitless frames to use, high sensitivity, self-adjusting mechanism of lens, distance and lighting, anyone can be a photographer. Beyond photography however, lies a higher level of consciousness, the artist can make photography as an art. Here is photographer-artist interpretation of this subject. (SPU-QC)

The cat on an icon's lap,
would make one laugh;
silly the duo make
for some jocose sake.
Who is fooling who
maybe we may not know;
one reading a scripture,
the other deep in snore.
It's honor though to the sculptor
and to the Great Author.
Pygmalion would envy,
if he would hear this story;
his was a stone come alive,
but here stone cradles a live
creature, lost and lonely,
and his was for himself only.
The cat warmed the icon's heart,
what could be a greater art!
In return the icon gave the cat
a home. And I, for my part,
witnessed another mystery,
beyond science and philosophy;
a kind of love, undefined love,

coming from the One above. ~

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