Monday, October 1, 2012

Superstition or Fact? Here is a test.

Dr Abe V Rotor

1. Red and gray sunsets are signs it’s going to rain.

And maybe a coming storm.

Here is a verse about this belief.

“If the sun in red should set,
The next day surely will be wet;
If the sun should set in gray,
The next will be a rainy day.”

High relative humidity builds clouds. Suspended water vapors reflect the rays of the setting sun red and crimson in many shades and hues, while the cloud form an overcast of gray.~ ~

2.  Avoid laughing while planting kamote (sweet potato) otherwise the roots will become liplike.

One who has incomplete teeth (bungal) should keep his mouth closed when planting corn, otherwise the cobs will not be filled properly, or become empty.

These are purely superstitious beliefs. But maybe we look at it this way. One who is not serious in his work is likely to commit mistakes. What happens if the planting materials are not well placed in the soil? Stray chickens may come after the uncovered corn. If the distancing of the cuttings is irregular, naturally crop stand will be poor. Too much fun leaves a lot of work poorly done or unfinished.

3. Guava seeds cause appendicitis.
Guava seeds are simply too large to enter through the appendix canal and lodge in this rudimentary part of our intestine as to cause infection and inflammation. However, like any abrasive material, it is possible that guava seeds may cause irritation that leads to infection.

 4. Masungit ang isang nursing mother (highly irritable).

When a woman is nursing, she is very motherly - all her attention is given to the newly born baby.  She is highly defensive, and can be irritated for nothing. Biologically this behavior is a means of protecting the newly born baby from any kind of harm; and secondly, it enhances her nursing period until the baby is ready to be weaned.  Premature conception is also deleterious to her health. The husband must be cooperative and willing to sacrifice during this stage. That is the cost men pay to have a baby.

5. People with large feet are good walkers, those with large round eyes see better in the dark, those with broad forehead are more intelligent, etc.

These contentions may have scientific explanations, for we need well-developed legs and feet to carry us around, large forehead to accommodate a larger brain, or broad shoulders to carry heavy load. Also, evolution has something to do with the development of morphology-physiology (structure-function) relationship.  For example, melanin is needed as protection against too much sunlight, but it is disadvantageous in places where winter is long. Large chest among natives means more supply of oxygen in high altitude areas where air is thin such as in Mexico City, some 5000 meters above sea level.   

But I wonder if a mole on the lips makes one talkative, or sexy if it is located somewhere else. ~

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