Thursday, October 11, 2012

Flood Heroes

Photo (above) by Serena Guiang, UST 

Photos by Kathrina Gonzales, UST Arts and Letters

Heroes they are - big or small - matter not at all;
     child becoming man, man becoming child,
and the old striving to be worthy in their sunset
     through wisdom tested and counsel mild;
unknown these are, they live in the mind and heart,
     among the masses, those living in shroud;
heroes don't die for they make others heroes, too,
     in the next flood, unknown to the proud. ~


Cay Cabotage said...

Let us now praise not so famous men, the unsung wet heroes of this week’s torrential flooding. We refer to the rescue teams and hospital workers who logged long hours and went beyond the call of duty to come to the aid of those trapped in the worst flooding since “Ondoy.” We especially refer to the ordinary citizens who set aside their own comforts and even their own safety in order to come to the help of others.

Aina Dawang said...

"Alam mo kapag nasa kalagitnaan ka na ng pagsasgip hindi mo na maiisip na kabayanihan iyon "-Marionito Tiempo

The famous fire fighter who rescued many people when 'habagat' came to our country.

To these people may it be big or small help we are all born heroes. We are incapable to help our fellow men in times of crisis. So say a little prayer and thank everyone for being all out support in every tragedy we face through.