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Living with Folk Wisdom - 50 Useful Trivia and Practical Tips

Dr. Abe V. Rotor
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Self-administered test (True or False)
                      There are persons who are a favorite of mosquitoes. True or False?
Support your answer. By the way, what is the species of this mosquito?
1. Chopped banana stalk makes a cold pack to reduce fever.

2.  Thunder and lightning spawn mushroom.

3. When earthworms crawl out of their holes, a flood is coming.

4. To control coconut beetles broadcast sand into the leaf axils.

5. Don’t play with toads.  Toads cause warts.

6.  Sugar solution extends the life of cut flowers.

7. The center of a typhoon is calm; unwary victims think the calamity has passed.   

8. Dogs howl in the night at ghosts and spirits.

9. Animals are uneasy before an earthquake.

10. More fish are caught when the moon is out.
11. The laying hen will not return to its nest if you gather all its eggs.
12. A conceiving mother who gets near a fruiting tree causes its fruits to fall prematurely.

13. When the leaves of acacia fold, it is already 5 o’clock in the afternoon. 

14. Kapok laden with pods means there’s going to be a poor rice harvest.

15. Garlic drives the aswang away.

16. Rub table salt on the cut stem of newly harvested fruits to hasten their ripening.

17. Cassava grown from an inverted stalk (cutting) is poisonous.

18. Hang bottles on the trellis of upo, patola, ampalaya to induce fruiting.

19. Wounding a tree with several cuts on its trunk induces it to fruit.

20. Flying kites while rice plants are in bloom causes poor harvest.

21. When walking through a forest, wear a mask backward, to ward off tiger or lion attack.

22. Leaves of madre de cacao or kakawate hasten the ripening of fruits.

23. Sea turtle about to be butchered shed tears.

24. Poultice made of ground termite is effective in treating wounds and sores.

25. Harelip or cleft lip is a consequence of an accident when the baby was still in the womb.

26. By examining the physical characteristics of plants we can read how nature intended them to be used.                                    
27. People with large feet are good walkers, those with large round eyes see better in the dark, those with broad forehead are more intelligent.

  Jungle survival: Cut a fresh bamboo stalk and  quench your thirst.

28. New shoes bought in the morning fits better than shoes bought in the afternoon or evening.

29. The sex of the baby in the womb is known by the looks of the mother.                   
30. Water remains cool in earthen pot (calamba or caramba) even in hot weather.

31. Migrating birds fly hundreds of kilometers without stopping.

32. A water diviner can detect the source of ground water by mere perception. 

33. Dogs eat grass for self-medication - so with parrots eat clay.

34. Prevent drinking glass from breaking, by first putting a plastic spoon before pouring the hot liquid.

35. Get better harvest by aligning the furrows/rows along the sun’s movement (east-to-west).

36. Read for the baby in the womb so that he will be intelligent.  Sing to him and he will be love music. 

37.  Jumping salad is a vegetable.
38. Bats attack unwary people especially at night.

39. If you are hurt by sea urchin, apply urine on the wound in the absence of first aid. 

You can actually hear the sea in a shell.

40. Hovering dragonflies indicate a coming rain.

41. It is the male seahorse that becomes pregnant, not the female.

42. If the seeds of calamansi in a lemonade float, it means more sugar is needed.

43. Farm animals grow faster with classical music.  This is also true with some plants. 
44. When dust gets in your eyes, blow your nose.

45. Gulat ang gamut sa sinok. To stop hiccup, jolt the person.

46. Press the base of the nail of the large toe to wake an unconscious person.

47. When an ant has entered into your ear, close the other ear and it will come out by its own. 

48. Press the base of the jaw joint to relieve toothache.

49.  Incense (resin) rids chicken of lice.  It also calms them down. 

50. Lighted candles drive flies away. ~

If you cut a starfish through the center, each half 
will regenerate into a new starfish. True or false?  

 NOTE: Answers will be posted in a week's time. 

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