Monday, October 22, 2012

Music for Baby Adrianna

Dr Abe V Rotor
Baby Adrianna with Lolo and Lola

Wonder the world of nine months of fantasy,
     where sound of music only cherubs make;
wide eyed she to the maker of lesser melody,
     closest by gene for this baby's sake.

Music in the womb, she alone in a dark world,
     seeping through flesh in many vibrations:
soft for gentleness and love in whispers told,
     rough and loud and many queer motions.

Beethoven mastered the sound of the brook,
     cascading on rocks, lost lambs bleating;
Bach on the organ, Liszt in a simple nook, 
     music all with Brahms' Lullaby humming.

Birth the beginning and ending of two worlds,
     the genius unseen, an amateur on stage;
wonder how music to magic notes and words,
     where beyond the road awaits a sage.~     


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