Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Wonder of Nangka

Nangka or langka (Artocarpus integra): Tree bears dozens of fruits (Agoo, La Union); flesh is separated, packed and chilled; boiled seeds are directly served. 

1. Biggest fruit in the world, weighing as much as 35 kilos.
2 .The only tree that bears underground fruits.
3. Weight of fruits surpasses that of the tree.
4. Aroma detected in small amount and at far distance.
5. Highly adapted in the tropics, requires very little care.
6. Its wood is best for violin, guitar and other wooden musical instruments.
7. Latex makes strong special glue.
8. Its family (Moraceae) is large and diverse, includes the figs, durian, marang, antipolo, and rimas (breadfruit)
9. Food preparations from fruit are many, from sweets to vegetable.
10. Fruit is highly regarded aphrodisiac.

11. Boiled or roasted seeds are highly nutritious, packed with starch.  
12. Nangka is associated with myths and superstitious beliefs. (Example: Risk a flat tire if you load nangka in your car.)
13. Wood contains yellow dye for dyeing silk and special wear.  
14. Charred and powered leaves make an effective dressing of wounds. 
15. Bast fiber from bark is made into rope and clothing.

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