Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fright - Bond of Loving

Fright - Bond of Loving
Dr Abe V Rotor
Photo Courtesy of Miss Marian A Bassig

Kitten comes out of its hiding frightened.  It missed its master 
who had just arrived wet from the floods that hit Metro Manila 
for days.   

Strange this feeling, fright, 
that spares no one:
the wild, tame, the rational,
in danger seen, unseen, 

More strange this feeling
beyond self alone;
for loved one in danger,
real or in the mind. 

Strangest still at realizing,
the other unknowing
of shared fright,
the bond of loving. ~      

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Aina Dawang said...

Just like the cat in the picture i encountered this fright when my dad came back from dominican republic. He was an OFW. It took him 9 years before we get the chance to see each other again and come home.

The cat felt frightened with her master due to a couple of days she didn't see her master. Like me i felt it too with my father but despite that long years of not being together our bond of love will never be withered. He is my father and i love him. As to the cat "I love him he is my master"