Friday, August 17, 2012

UST-GS Assignment in Environmental Science

Environmental Science 

An experiential and Integrated Approach

Dr Abe V Rotor
Professor, Graduate School

This is to address Environmental Science to the needs of the graduate students enrolled in Environmental Science by initiating an approach that they can use in their work and community. This will help re-align the subject with Advance Ecology, also a 3-unit subject in the the graduate school.   

There are six chapters to constitute the course, namely
  1. Environment and Biology
  2. Environment and Health
  3. Environment and Economics
  4. Environment and Humanities
  5. Environment and Conservation
  6. Environment and Ethics 

First thing to do is to segregate the handouts according to this classification. 

Augment the "lean" chapters with articles from this Blog, with emphasis on the project level.  

Write a paragraph or two, to explain each chapter. Provide a list of Chapter Table of Contents, other than the general Table of Contents.

Write a two-page General Introduction. Request someone to write the Message, others for impressions or comments. 

Include your brief CV at the end.  Acknowledgment, too. And dedication after the title page.
Design the title page (with a photo or illustration) ~

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