Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PSERE: Researches on Sustainable Development: 20th Annual Conference of the Philippine Society for Educational Research and Evaluation

Dr Abe V Rotor

Opening of Exhibits: Dr Teresa R Perez cuts ceremonial ribbon with other PSERE officers (left to right) Dr Melchor M Magramo, Dr Clarafe A Gonzales, Dr Consuelo C Callang and Dr Emily B Tan 

A.  Poster Exhibit

B. Plenary Papers 

Sabada, Rex B - Mangrove Conservation through Academe-Public Partnership.  University of the Philippines Visayas (Plenary 1) 

Pardo de Tavera, Ma Mara - Sustainable Development on Organics.  Organic Producers Trade Association  (Plenary 2)

Rotor, Abercio V - Culture and Sustainability: Guiding our Children to the Good Life in a Changing Environment. University of Santo Tomas (Plenary 3)

 C. Research Papers 

Torres, Milano and Aira Sharida H Villapando (2012) - Green Practices of Accomodaion and Lodging Establishments in Batangas Province.  First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities, Tanauan CXity, Batangas

Garrovillas, Eduardo P (2012)- Higher Education for Sustainable Development, Philippine Perspective. Jose Rizal University  

Perez, Teresa R  - Coastal-Based Resource Manmagement: The Centro Escolar University Experience CEU, Manila 

Magramo, Melchor M, Alimen RA, Howse V, Burtney R and MRG Esmaña - Growth Trends of Seagrass Species in a Four-Year Study in Igang Bay, Guimaras, Philippines. JB Lacson Foundation Maritime University Ecological Park, Guimaras

Esparas, Erica Joy, Fajardo AK, Calimbahin MC, De Leon MI, and Julieta Z Dungca (2012)  -  Isolation and Characterization of Multi-Drug Resistant and Lead-Tolerant Pink Pigmented Facultative Bacteria as Potential Indicator of Air Pollution. College of Medical Technology and School of Science and Technology, CEU 

Castroverde, Yolanda L - Development and Ecosystem Conditions of the Municipality of Del Gallego, Camarines Sur.  University of Nueva Caseres, Naga City 

Sarinas, Brian Gil S - Solid Waste Management Compliance, Practices and Destination and Impact among Merchant Vessels Docking in Port San Pedro and Dumangas Ports - A Step towards Eco-Friendly Shipping - JB Lacson Foundation Maritime University, Arevalo, Iloilo  

Torrigue, Ma. Lona T - Absorption Capacity and Biomass Concentration of Thraustochitrid in Bunker C Oil Using Different Cell Densities. JBLFMU, Arevalo, 

Baynosa, Ronald - Disaster Preparedness and Resiliency of the Top Twenty Corporations in Iloilo City. JBLFMU, Molo, Iloilo 

Pelasol, Rhona J - Iloilo River Eco-Park and Sustainable Development Inputs towards the Full Rehabilitation of the Iloilo River. St Therese-MTC Colleges , Molo  

Note: There are other papers presented in the conference, including the keynote speech of Dr Raul Bañas, provincial administrator, who represented Gov Arthur D Defensor, which are not available in my file as of the date of this post. Please accept my apology.  

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