Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Surrealism on the Grassroots: Headless Doll Guard

Dr Abe V Rotor
A reference in surrealism for photography   
Makeshift sign with a sentinel - a headless doll - reserves a space for a fee. 
Commonwealth Avenue, Barangay Mangahan, QC 2010

Headless Doll Guard

If art originates from thoughts and feelings,
could it also originate from feelings alone,
that creeps into the darkness of life
gnawing the being to the bone?

If one finds art is a piteous parking sign,
is it akin to compassion, to a kind soul -
needless that a headless doll speak
of morbidity, but of a pleading call?

In this corner the artist calls it surreal,
but the soul rises above reason and heart -
its emptiness filled with some sanity,
that surrealism is neither fate nor art. ~

Surrealism focuses on mystical and metaphysical experiences, dealing with pervasive subjects and excessive rational thoughts.

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