Monday, July 30, 2012

Salt hastens ripening of fruit

Salt hastens ripening of fruit
Dr Abe V Rotor

Rub salt at the base of the peduncle (fruit stem). Fruits like guyabano (in the photo), mango, chico, atis, avocado, caimito, and the like, will ripen in a day or two - unless the fruits were harvested immature. This technique applies only to fruits that have reached proper maturity. After rubbing with salt, the fruits may be placed in the fruit tray, or wrapped in paper and placed inside the rice box to further hasten ripening.

Certain fruits are ripened in a different way. Banana for example, ripens faster, and more uniform and bright yellow, if enclosed in jar burnay or plastic bag lined with fresh leaves of madre de cacao or kakawate (Gliricida sepium). Trapped heat and ethylene gas hasten ripening. Avoid using carburo, it is not good to health.

Tomato ripens into bright red color in the open cool air, the secret of Baguio tomatoes.

For nangka or jackfruit, drive a two-inch spike of wood or nail into the core. Check in a day or two by smell and sound (dull). Ripe fruit gives way to pressure. It is best to dress nangka when newly ripen. ~

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