Saturday, July 21, 2012

Giant Martian in Midtown Bangkok

Dr Abe V Rotor
Watchful Martian to traffic and pedestrian 
Real giant in modern Lilliput, reminiscent of Gulliver's Travel  
Closeup of expressionless, emotionless, fiberglass icon.    

 A modern genie in downtown Bankok is asking our wish I guess;
like the genie from a grimy lamp in the Dark Ages of the Earth;
now seasoned by indifference, through the ages forgetfulness,
yet strange still the world, stranger still the coldness at its hearth.

Lost in midtown, sitting low and calm, its eyes empty, far-reaching
Into the past, through empty space, to its home away from home;
Lost among the throng, among the lost throng, lost from its being,
Sitting alone, like Rodin's Great Thinker, yet unthinking like stone.

Would man accept the oneness of truth and fantasy, and the irony
Of not believing so? Else in believing alone is itself ignorance;
Blind in our midst a vacuum reigns in biblical or children’s story,
Which matters little if at all, its ending hanging in sweet askance.   

Martians or Earthlings – how many things in common both possess
With other planets? I can only guess, there are many yet so scarce
Is the light in the eyes, comfort of presence, the highest prowess
That fills the void, warms the coldness of both the Earth and Mars.~   

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