Sunday, July 8, 2012

Reflections over a Rainbow

Reflections over a Rainbow
Dr Abe V Rotor
 Morning Rainbow, Bamban, Tarlac, 2006

1.  All you give your cattle and sheep
Is a sprawling green meadow,
Away from your watch and shadow;
Content they are - so with your sleep.

2. True feelings that we may fall short;
Repressed until the water burst
Like waves rising, dying in froth,
But never satiate anger’s thirst.

Better the Noble Savage lived
Than civilization to Mankind,
In a Garden we long envied,

Sans want, war and its evil kind.

4. Truth we seek, its bulk lies under;
Iceberg tip we ignore danger;
Mum are we, within is anger -

All of these set us asunder.

5. Denial in the beginning,
Like anger provoked will prolong;
Futile in time and bargaining -
Acceptance last - the saddest song.

6. Look at the arrow and the bow,
The first machine before the plow;
A hunter’s life that man had ceased,
To found the land of love and peace.

7. A wall unseen by the other,
Behind we refuse to be seen,
Of what we are and what had been –
Break it, and be a true brother.

8. Kindness but without honesty -
That is sentimentality;
Honesty but without kindness -
Simply that is plain cruelty;
Peace - that the duo must harness
To bring light to humanity.

9. Judgment isn'nt just conformity
That binds a class and society;
Not for the rich or any sect –
But of the heart and intellect.

10. If my life's to be lived with love,
Learned and shared not one but many;
Through others it's this way above,
I shall have left a legacy.~

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