Monday, July 16, 2012

Group Assignment for UST-AB: Critique-Analysis in Photography

Group Assignment for UST-AB: Critique-Analysis in Photography
Dr Abe V Rotor

Group work, 5 members.  Please analyze each photograph and answer the questions raised in each. Download with answers per photograph and print.  Use Arial 12, same as in this post.  Type on regular bond with number of pages as needed. For submission July 20, 2012.

1. Nature photography. Does this fish really exist in nature? Or the product of photo editingWrite its appropriate caption.

 2. Bleeding heart pigeons.  It's romantic.  Make the caption in verse style.

3. Smiling pig. Who is your target audience? Support your answer. 

4. Suppose you don't have a tripod, what would you do to get a nice photo such as this? How do you enhance the silhouette effect of the subject - ? Why is it that the high cliff at the left was not cropped by the photographer? So with the length of bridge at the right? (Old Quirino Bridge over Bannaoang Pass, Santa, Ilocos Sur)

5. You can hear in your mind the cascading twin waterfalls in Patapat (Pagudpug, Ilocos Norte). Here is one I wrote.
Rage, rage, rage!
And I'll be calm;
Be calm and I shall rage.
Rage, rage, rage!

Can you interpret the verse? Relate it with the environment (ecology). What is the advocacy of this verse?
6. What is the significance of this photo?  What tree is this? Does it tell the changing of seasons? Photo taken at SRA Compound, Diliman,. QC

7. Write the caption of this photo. This photo is part of a scientific paper for publication. Photo was taken at Avilon Zoo, San Mateo, Rizal.     

8. Close-up photography. Could there be a better shot than this?  If you were the photographer what improvement would you have made? 

9.  Landscape mural painting and garden pond. There is poem I wrote with this last stanza.

When lakes and rivers dry, and the sky no longer blue;
as cities grow, land fills with waste, air no longer fresh;
I pick my brush, say a prayer in color, shade and hue,
Inviting my Creator, "Please come, and I'll give you rest."   

Explain the meaning of the verse, as well as its advocacy.

10. This is an edited photo.  Has the flower lost its symbol? What flower is this in the first place? What does it represent? Its use?

11. Why is this photo of  human interest?  Does it show poverty, abandonment, sympathy? Write the caption. 

12. The power of repetition in photography. What breaks its monotony? What is the subject about? What are similar photos adopting this technique?

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