Monday, February 6, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Memories

Abe V Rotor

Century old mango trees, San Luis, Batangas

Whoever planted these trees I may not know,
yet know his thoughts and dreams;
for the trees carry on long after he is gone,
a world of many realms.

Frolicking in a river, Bohol

Turn back the hands of time I beg,
when the rivers and streams flow,
whisper and shine deep from their bed,
of stones like gems in the glow.

Turn back old age to happy childhood
when there were no airplanes and cities;
when tall trees are enough to behold
the faces of clouds and the deities.

For childhood is the saintly phase of life
though raucous in frolic and in game;
who cares about rules knowing no strife,
that makes grownups sad and ashame? ~

Sled kiddie ride. Bantay, Ilocos Sur

It's a ride to the moon and among the stars,
in air castle and fantasy;
It's a ride through time and into the future,
child to man, man to reality

Enigma of the sea before us in the sea urchin;
so vast to be seen in a specimen;
enlarging on the contrary what is and had been
that makes knowledge indeed a gem.

Modern Don Quijote before the wind mill. Bangui, Ilocos Norte

Wind mill and sail - prime movers in union:
muscle of living,
wing to freedom;
And man may choose to be a fool with vision:
invent and discover,
travel and conquer;
Or lose himself in the crowd into oblivion.

Anna at the Twin Falls, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Rage, rage, rage,
and I shall be calm.
Be calm and I shall rage.
Rage, rage, rage!

Kid Leo and his kid, at home, circa 1982;
20 years after.

Don't believe in the troll,
instead believe in a lovely kid
growing up with its master,
to test their bond its bid.~

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