Friday, February 24, 2012

What make Coffee taste best?

Abe V Rotor

Coffee maker appears like scientific laboratory equipment: clean, precise, transparent.

Author served at the UST Graduate School lobby, while reviewing a thesis paper.

(Kapeng Barako is the best local coffee, and Coffea arabica the best in the world.)
Process (High tech brewing, visible)
Service (server with pleasing personality, courteous)
Ambiance (Preferably chilly, peaceful, relaxing, real coffee shop - no Internet)

More (reactions from radio listeners, and blog viewers) Keywords
  1. At sunrise
  2. With morning Newspaper
  3. On an easy chair
  4. With company
  5. Brewed, over instant or decaf
  6. Personally mixed
  7. Pick berries yourself
  8. Just black
  9. Bitter black, tangy
  10. Strong, with punch
  11. Keep you awake
  12. Aroma fills the room,
  13. Aroma meets you at the gate
  14. Coffee in bed
  15. Specially made and served by loved one
  16. First cup is best
  17. No artificial sugar and cream
  18. Best served in China, not paper cup
  19. Not too often to appreciate
  20. Serving coffee means welcome. You are in.
NOTE: Coffee beans recovered from the droppings of civet cat, they say, make the best tasting coffee, and is the most expensive. I would rather have my coffee with the knowledge and experience in the simple ways to have the best tasting coffee through the right blend, process, service and ambiance - plus a good combination of the suggestions of our good radio listeners and pageviewers. ~
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