Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Tree that Wears a Veil

Verse and Photos by Dr Abe V Rotor

A veil to shield the sun,
A veil to keep from rain,
A veil to buffer the wind,
A veil to hide the view around,
A veil to muffle sweet sound.
When you wear your crown.

A veil to let the sunshine in,
A veil to welcome the rain,
A veil to dance in the wind,
A veil to view far beyond,
A veil to free those in bond,
When you lose your crown.

A veil to clothe the naked,
A veil to comfort the lonely,
A veil to feed the hungry,
A veil to house the lost.
A veil to welcome the dawn,
When you gain back your crown.

NOTE: These photos were taken at a time when this acacia tree was in its deciduous stage giving the epiphytic liana a chance to grow luxuriantly without harming the host tree. Soon new leaves will form as summer approaches, and the liana once more becomes dormant. It will resume vigorous growth come next deciduous period. Acacia trees shed off their leaves completely once or twice a year. Ateneo de Manila University QC campus.

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