Thursday, February 9, 2012

Floriculture: Flower Arrangement

Abe V Rotor

Flower arrangement is an art. The Japanese call it Ikebana. Filipinos are among the best floriculturists in the world. You encounter the art in many occasions: parties, graduation, weddings, church offerings, corsage and leis, wakes, or simply arranging flowers for the home. .

There is a flower arrangement for every occasion, but the primordial guide is Nature herself. Just look around in the garden, orchard, along hedges, on the meadow, in the forest. There are 1001 models of flower arrangement - and holistic views that make us realize flower arrangement is just part of the whole aesthetic scenery that we are recreating.

Natural arrangement of flowers of white lily. Note series based on sequence
of maturity of flowers to keep pollinators to visit the flowers regularly.

The flowers of this pond lily are arranged on a common branching stalk.

A typical flower arrangement with a central attraction, top view.

A typical man-heaven-and-earth flower
arrangement for the dining table.

Flower arrangement around a colorful bowl.

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