Saturday, December 31, 2011

Poem for 2012: Silence of the Pond

Painting and Poem by Abe V Rotor

Silence of the Pond, AVR Circa 1989

Here true silence lies,
not eerie, not deafening,
for silence is communion
of self and surrounding.

Here true silence lies:
leaves quiver in the breeze,
ripples gently rise and fade,
buzz the honey bees.

Here true silence lies,
in the rhythm of the sky,
the rainbow a huge harp,
music all that sing or cry.

Here true silence lies:
the sound of the pond,
not in its depth or breadth;
the trees by their bond.

Here true silence lies,
beyond the audible,
in magic waves in the air,
and the perceptible.

Here true silence lies,
giving in is acceptance,
the root of humility,
courage in any instance.

Here true silence lies,
when the heart longs, yet sings;
thoughts not to reason but flies
from the confines of living.

Here true silence lies,
sweet memories an art
in the silence of a pond,
throbbing in the heart. ~

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