Saturday, December 10, 2011

Poetry: Fishing on a Sunken Pier

Abe V Rotor

Remnant of the end of pier is visible in the distance. It indicates
massiveness of the infrastructure which was
built by the Americans
before World War II. The pier
was never put to used even after
the war - a case of a"white elephant.
Hunting for shells and other marine specimens on the hallowed
out plank of the pier.

At low tide, the waves break where the water was once deep for ocean-going ships.
A bamboo raft lies idly and insignificant along a concrete
A bamboo raft lies idly and insignificant along a concrete wall which
toppled off from its steel reinforcement.
Rusting skeleton of the walls of the pier appears like a pair of massive rows of teeth .

Rusting steel reinforcement dwarfs promenaders, appearing like menacing
teeth of a giant creature. (
Puerto Sunken Pier, photos by Marlo R Rotor,
Ildefonso, Ilocos Sur.)

Fishing on a Sunken Pier

Here lies the grandeur of peace in the night;

The Pyramids and the Great Wall,

Once like the Tower of Babel's might,

Now the remains after their fall.

What power ruins do have, sages?

Like the Parthenon of Greece?

Stand they all, proud through the ages,

In Lamarkian idleness.

I cast my line to weave a story

In silence, the wind my twin;

The world will never know true glory,

In fishing on a ruin. ~

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