Friday, December 23, 2011

15 Verses to Live by this Christmas Season

Abe V Rotor

15 Little Stars Glowing, photo by AVR 2007

1. God's Message

Be it at Acadie or Walden Pond,
On the battleground of Basilan,
Pyramid of the Sun or Mount Saint Paul
God's message is one and same to all.

2. Friendship

Friendship shared multiplies,
Like happiness and joy do,
Whereupon brotherhood lies,
All defying mathematical law.

3. Grace

If grace builds on nature,
Then grace should abound to all;
Yet only he who is pure
Takes the gift, and not the fool.

4. Giants and Dwarfs

In life we are at one time giants, at another dwarfs,
Giving essence to character more than fairy tale;
But even in fairy tale, we gain essence in character.

5. Evil

Evil is evil, so with its mirror,
Even in disguise of the finest;
Goodness build goodness,
Tapping love in store.

6. Independence

Independence, you may wonder,
Is least understood while standing;
'Til you're on your knees groping
And feel a hand on your shoulder.

7. Anger

Clenched fists soften under a blue sky,
Like high waves, after tempest, die.

8. Convenience

Convenience is like wings gliding on the wind's will;
It is also not taking off until the wind is still.

9. Dream

When reality dies it may become a dream,
And dream is rality again foreseen.

10. Echo

On some mountain top one's echo is clear and loud;
In the market place it dies with the crowd.

11. Gem

Unless cut and polished, a stone is stone,
Like a gene lying deep, unknown, alone.

12. Crisis

The greatest crisis ambitious men and women face
Is loss of privacy trying to win a nameless game.

13. Kindness

Kindness, however small
Is never wasted at all.

14. Tradition

The past may leave remnants to the future ,
New to the young while dying bit bu bit.

15. My Life to Give

If a little in me dies if only someone must live,
Here then Lord, here is my whole life to give.

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