Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tidbits of Poetry

Abe V Rotor

1. Fossil

You are not only a historian;

you are part of history;
You live in the museum
and in the laboratory;
Else you remained obscure
if someone didn't find you;
And the earth's story different
and nobody ever knew.

2. Old Carillon

Your bells in the distance a chime;
Music on the wind, reminder of time,
Calling the lost lamb across the sea,
Linking the faithful with the Holy See

3. Stone Age Craft

Who still live in the stone age?
The Tasadays of Mindanao,
Taong Bato of Palawan?
Or trace of history's lost page?

But we still do in modern time
Neolithic art of Bulacan,
Romblom, Santa and Mactan,
Forbes Park and Corinthian.

4. Hull with Outrigger

Someone invented your hull,
another your outrigger
which comes one-sided
or in winglike pair.

While your arm rides on the crest,
in duo you conquer
the river and the sea,
bridging the islands in chain
since the time of the Odyssey.

5. A Pair of Wood Sawers

If Millet were to paint this scenario
In the masterpiece of Man with a Hoe;
If Markham puts meaning in this duo,
Then life is a see-saw, see-saw, see-saw

6. Mascot and Girl

Take her to Grimm's fairyland,
Madurodam in Holland,
To fabled Disneyland,
Or to holy Agape land.

Take her not to burger land,
Toy and vendo land,
Mall and game land,
Or any other wasteland.

7. Don’ts and Do’s in Life

Don't ride on the waves, and sail out. Ahoy!
Don't go with the wind in blinding rain;
Don't go out to the deep across the buoy;
Don't go on fast car, or bullet train.

Do find the crossroad, know where you're bound,
Do read stop or dead end on the lane.
Do heed the whistle and the siren sound
Do heed the old, the wise and the sane. ~

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