Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Loggers’ Grim

Abe V Rotor

Century old tree in a park

The trees rise several stories high.
Loggers saw them all from the sky,
While Ceres sends rain in the evening,
Sunshine and rainbow in the morning.

The land the forest and clouds cover
Seeps like sponge, the thirst of hungry lips,
Catching every drop the root keeps
And stores to feed it to the river.

Lianas make the tree trunk a pole,
Their branches wearing an old beard,
Standing out rugged, strong and tall
The canopy thick and layered.

And the Gekko trails the walking sticks;
Stalks the hunter for the wild or sly;
A rodent sleeps, a snake is meek –
Nature’s wit often a game of lie.

I know a deity is guarding the forest,
I know it by the fragrance all around,
But what’s this chill that touches my face,
And the eerie air without a sound.

The clock at the edge of time cowers
At the thought from the loggers’ grim;
Where is Ceres who send the showers,
Are the deities just but a dream?~

Living with Nature, AV Rotor

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