Monday, May 30, 2011

Home from the Plain - Six Verses

By Abe V Rotor

1. To change our ways, hold your peace;
In his dungeon Gandhi prayed at ease;
Bowed on a loom he wove the cloth,
Cloth for the naked and flag he sought.

2. Can we attribute all of man’s change
Oe’r thousands and thousands of years
To factors outside his own will?
Lo! Let's learn from our forebears.

3. Wall invisible to another,
Behind we refuse to be seen,
Of what we are and what we’ve been –
Break it, be a true brother.

4. Gentle is life yourself you make,
Gentler it is you make for Him,
While the world spins as it may seem,
Gentlest for the young ones’ sake.

5. Where is my home, home from the plain -
Battle in life’s work and wandering?
A family to stand by and sharing
The joys, but neither fear nor pain.

6. He marched with the flag behind him
The Drummer Boy to his master’s will;
The flag drops, yet drumming still,
Fell he, knowing only the battle hymn.

x x x

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