Monday, May 16, 2011

Go, Leave the Dungeon!

Abe V Rotor

Go, leave the dungeon, follow the light seeping through...

Little do you know of the sun, how it sets and rises,
As the rhythm of life in moments of joy and sadness.
Lo, the li’l boy all day sings like Aesops’ fabled locust;
In summer belittles the ant, and what had he to boast?

The rains came, torrid the winds became, dark was the night.
And groping he went his way, battling with all his might.
But he was not Paul and neither was he Man enough
To weather the test, a game played rough and tough.

The wind with the sail, they go like birds gliding free,
And life is like that, wanting of nothing on calm, old sea,
Like a tree untested by storm, its idle roots are shallow,
Its branches are lanky, its unseasoned limbs hollow.

What purpose is war then, El NiƱo, the apocalypse men?
Darwin has the answer, but can man break the omen?
Tolstoy and Hugo tell of the goodness of man distilled,
Not in time of plenty and peace,but in the battlefield.

If you wish to reach Heaven alone, do not bother,
For the Flood has purified your kind, everyone now a brother.
And salvation awaits all brethrens, more so the least,
And bless he who saves him from the fury of the beast.

Go, leave the dungeon, follow the light seeping through
The walls of ignorance and fear, indifference and hate.
Pry open and run for the woods; make haste.
There is not enough tears and time to waste.

Ah, where does the sun shine brightest, you no longer ask,
Neither where the blue sky and the blue sea wear gray mask.
From Prometheus’ exile you came and how you got here
Is immaterial now, for the gods have joined the cheer. ~

Living with Nature, AVRotor; Acknowledgment, Dungeon Photo from Internet, Wikipedia,

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