Monday, May 23, 2011

Fly on My Little Kite

“Fly on my little kite,

Ride on the wings of the wind

Over plains and dales;

Hear the whispers of the treetops,

And the secrets of the clouds.”*

Wonder on the timelessness and vastness

Of imagery that transcends to all ages;

The young and old, the past and present – and beyond,

Unleashing the searching mind to freedom,

Liberating the soul in the confidence

Of the Hand that holds the string of that kite,

For who would not like to fly

On that kite to see the world,

At least to be taller from where he stands,

Or to turn the hands of time –

To be a child again even only for a while?

* From a poem of Sister Macarius Lacuesta, SPC

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