Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quo vadis?

Abe V Rotor

Standing up for victims of crime and injustice

Street children, and juvenile delinquent parents, too. QC

"Quo vadis?" - Where are you going? - is perhaps the most challenging question in life. Just as the disguised Christ asked the escaping Peter outside the walls of Rome nearly two thousand years ago. But it is this very question that made Peter a saint, a martyr for his faith, for Christ.

It is a similar question - "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?" that made Saul turn 360 degrees from persecutor to protector of Christians, and to became one of the greatest apostles - even without having seen his master, except in vision - the vision in a flash of light on that eventful dark night.

We ask ourselves the same question many times in our lives when we stand too long on the crossroad, and when the road is getting dimmer or rough. We ask our children, we ask our community, our world.

Then a messiah comes. A Christ, a Buddha, a Gandhi, a Rizal, a Mother Teresa, a Mandela, a Ramon Magsaysay. Or a Florence Nightingale, a Fe del Mundo, a Good Samaritan, a kind boy scout. Or why don't you be that messiah in your own right?

Quo vadis? And you will find the answer. ~

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