Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ayungin - tastiest and most expensive local fish

Abe V Rotor

I learned to appreciate this freshwater fish, ayungin, from a friend in Pangasinan. Makwento at makata pa siya.

"Maliliit, sobra ang tinik,
pero pinakamalinamnam,
isdang matagal kainin
ngunit mahirap tigilan
habang kinakain."

Since then my wife would not miss this rare fish in the market during its season. For its size it is the most expensive among local species, P350 to 400 per kilo. Many do not like it because it is bony (matinik) and its bones are real sharp. Thus it needs skill to eat it, and you have to concentrate and not talk. It is likely that the female is loaded with eggs and together with the male leaves a lot of fat at the bottom of the pan.

The best reecipe is paksiw on banana leaves, with a lot of bawang (garlic), luya (ginger), sibuyas (shallot onion), whole paminta (black pepper), and a dash of salt. Serve it on the pan at lunch with the whole family, and you will see the fish, favorite of Ilocanos - and others too - disappear before your very eyes. ~

Home, Sweet Home with Nature, AVR 2011

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