Monday, January 24, 2011

Moths - enigma in the dark

Abe V Rotor

Moths are mysterious,
alive when I am sleeping,
and sleep when I am awake
and butterflies fluttering.

Why the queer pattern then
in the darkness of the night?
when their kins like Icarus
challenge the sun's shine and might?

Are they remnants of the lost
having missed the Noah's ark?
or what's the color of night,
beyond my poor eyesight?

Moths make the other half of life,
to make the world complete
when the day's work is done,
on the field and street.

Layered moth: it looks like two or more moths in a single mass.

Heart or pyramid moth, camouflaged like a dead leaf.

Stealth moth ready for takeoff, poses as the attacker.

Note: Entomologists argue on the distinction of moths and skippers. The latter are crepuscular - active at dusk, while moths are nocturnal. Skippers are thought to be hybrids of moths and butterflies because they carry certain traits of both. While all three belong to a large order - Lepidoptera, there is no direct
genetic evidences to support his theory. AVR

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