Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Prayer in Times of Crisis

Abe V Rotor

Father Almighty, teach us to know, reach, share and love one another as one family and one community enlightened with these virtues.
  • The value of Temperance - the act of moderation measured by our love surrendering itself wholly to You;
  • Courage, that we may do the brave thing in the face of difficulties and danger;
  • Justice, that love which we would wish others to treat us the way we treat them;
  • Prudence, which is love that makes wise distinction between what hinders and what helps to do a thing;
  • Compassion, the greatest form of sharing that binds us with peace, unity and understanding; and above all
  • Humility, the greatest love of all.

Open our minds and hearts then, Father Almighty, that we may be filled, through our small deeds, in everyday of our lives, and wherever we may be, with these virtues of temperance, courage, justice, prudence, compassion and humility, all for Your Glory. Amen.

*A prayer as one people and nation in these critical times as we face the current series of heinous crimes gripping the country, the spiraling prices of basic commodities, the wrath of man-induced calamities, and our fading trust and confidence on our leaders and institutions, the present capitalistic system, notwithstanding.

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Issa santiago said...

This is obviously the most important time to pray. The insight that makes it work is that God fully understands.
There are many other destabilizing crises that can happen in our lives and seem to be difficult times to pray. Financial crises, the loss of a job, the realization that I spoiled children I wanted to love, the crises that happen to loved ones. Then there is the non-crisis, but very uncentering chronic sense of a lack of fulfillment in what I'm doing. These, too, are very important times to turn to God and experience God's love and freedom. Nothing can take our peace away, unless we let it - unless we try to cope with it outside of the faith, hope and love God desires to offer us.