Saturday, January 1, 2011

Part 1: In Search of the Pierian Spring

A romantic campus scene

Abe V Rotor

1. If knowledge were clouds rising, drifting,
White in the morning, dark as they grow,
And red at sunset - then I may
Choose those that bring showers that draw
Rainbows from morning to the end of day.

2. Friendship ephemeral and in a glance,
Is brief as butterflies resting on a tree;
Fullest that beauty may be is fleeting,
Fleeting, fleeting until we are free.

3. Resemblance. It comes in many images:
The sea and land meet the sky and sun;
Fishes fly, lobsters are red, and birds
Swim, and the world becomes one.

4. I return to prove if it is true;
I am a native of my own country;
That all the years from a distant view
I still know my family tree.

5. Learn to learn, and you have all to gain;
Learn to earn, and earn to learn,
And you have to do it again and again.

6. Flow from the hills, play with the rivulets;
Laugh with the brook and feed the lake;
Make it full and strong and swell
To mirror my native land for old time sake.

7. Flow, flow forever in his mind;
Throb, throb in his young heart
The thunder of love, the whisper of humility,
And into his soul the font of eternity.

8. Oh Mother Nature, delight many a wide-eyed child
Not to be afraid - or afraid that he be brave;
Awe him to gain respect, mystify that he explores
This wide, wide world unceasingly to his grave.

9. From the sea to the fields and top of trees,
Clouds rise, and I fall in the silence of grace
To hear the harps and violins and breeze,
And feel transported in time and space.

10. Kaleidoscope dewdrops hang
Before the sun, rising to the air
Or bound to the ground - and I,
Where is my place when I am gone?


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