Saturday, June 23, 2018

Beauties with Nature

"A waterfall has a life of its own, it reflects the life of the world." avr
Dr Abe V Rotor 

Mudspring, Mt Makiling, Laguna 

Who says you can't go to the crater of a volcano?
Just at the rim of course, among the fumaroles.
tiny craters bubbling mud and spewing sulfur gas
and steam appearing like smoke and cloud;
here you are transported to the Ring of Fire 
linking the volcanoes of the world.

. Pinsal Falls, Sta Maria, Ilocos Sur 

A waterfall has a life of its own: it roars with habagat,
hisses with amihan, silent at summer's end,
only to laugh again with the first rain in April or May;
its life cycle depends on its watershed:
when undisturbed full and hale,
when destroyed dries up and dies. 
The waterfall reflects the life of the world. ~

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