Friday, June 1, 2018

ENVIRONMENT DAY June 5, 2018. Theme: Beating Plastic Pollution.

Recycle plastic for 10 good reasons 
(In support of the international movement to beat plastic pollution, theme of 2018 Environment Day and Month.)

Dr Abe V Rotor

Plastic bound for recycling
Plastic thrown on land and onto the sea.

Recycle plastic for value added advantage, giving the material a second life - or more, for the same or different uses.

Recycle plastic to get rid of it as waste - waste that virtually remains undecomposed for years, if not centuries.

Recycle plastic to save small fish from asphyxiation, ruminant animals from digestive malfunctioning.

Recycle plastic to reduce emission of harmful gases into the air, and contaminants in soil and water.

Recycle plastic to clear canals and waterways, reducing incidents of flood, if not preventing it to happen.

Recycle plastic to get rid of the most toxic substance man has ever made - dioxin - emitted by its burning.

Recycle plastic for decors and crafts in keeping with the festive air of Christmas,
fiestas and other occasions.

Recycle plastic to provide materials for housing, erosion and flood control, and other infrastructures.

Recycle plastic under the responsibility and accountability of manufacturers, taking much of the burden from consumers and public in gneral.

Recycle plastic separately: non-biodegradables for re-utilization, bioidegradable for soil conditioners and similar uses.

Recycle plastic while reducing its manufacture, and developing biodegradable and safe substitutes.  

Recycle plastic before it is too late, before the earth has accumulated a cover not of vegetation but of non-biodegradable film and foam.

Recycle plastic and go back to natural - natural flower, natural fiber, natural wares, above all natural face and smile. ~

The making of a Plastic Continent 

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