Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Traces of Art Movements are Alive in Today's Paintings

Dr Abe V Rotor 
Living with Nature School on Blog [avrotor.blogspot.com]

These representative paintings are the works of amateurs at the University of Santo Tomas. They provide a keyhole view on the trend of painting with reference to certain schools or movements in the midst of computer art and advertisements. They are footprints of Monet's Impressionism, Van Gogh's Expressionism, Salvador Dali's Surrealism, Picasso's Abstractionism, among others, but the question remains, "Quo vbadis?" (Where is the art of painting heading for?)
Impressionistic autumn in the stillness of Monet;
where have all the creatures gone, pray.

Nature and Nurture are but one,
unity and harmony under the sun;
naturalism of Amorsolo,
Seurat and Cezanne

Quartet annonymous, music unknown,
artists incognito in the silence of song. 
impressionism with a touch of surrealism.  


Likeness of Van Gogh,
tortured soul seeking 
escape from the self; 
Oh, art, let go, let go.

Matisse, Chagall, Joya,
masters of abstract art
and countless sworn -
artists and zealots as well.

Paul Cezanne's cubism,
light and shadow
and colors in prism.

Speak of friendship or loneliness,
boredom or eagerness,
captured best with the brush
more than the lens. 

Artists insist in their art and craft,
little for a living, fullest in the heart.

Acknowledgement: The author failed to include the identities of the artists who made these paintings. Sincere gratitude is accorded them for sharing their talents in the readers of this article.

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