Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ecology Wall Mural Complex* by Dr A V Rotor

"Tranquility is the gateway to peace and harmony with Nature, with our fellowmen and our Creator - the essence of art emanating from the heART and touching the heARTS of others."

Mural Complex and Verses by Dr Abe V Rotor

Tranquility reigns in this scene, habitat of our noble ancestors, their window to the world and the stars, which only imagination can fathom in silence, prayer and song;

In children fishing and trekking on nature's trail, in a family gathered for a weekend camping, a respite from stress and boredom of city living, and the rigors of work and school;

In passing clouds of many faces framed by rock, waterfall and stream cascading, whispering, and finding solace in a pond depicted in Claude Monet's murals of water lilies, lotus and nymphaea;

The setting of John Milton's epic of Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, the Pierian Spring - the fountain of youth in Alexander Pope poetry, and mythical longevity of Sybil;

The making of a cathedral of rainbow, the ever changing kaleidoscopic colors of the landscape that brings out the artist in every person to make a masterpiece;

Tranquility slows us down on the fast and chartless road of living defined in Hans Selye's de-stress formula, and Fulton Sheen's way to happiness, through peace, hope and contentment;

Tranquility is the gateway to peace and harmony with Nature, with our fellowmen and our Creator - the essence of art emanating from the heART and touching the heARTS of others.

Tranquility, every person's right to quiet and peace;
irrespective of creed, status and race, to live at ease. 
Mother and daughter on way to school,
before a wall mural of Nature;
Nature, the greatest teacher of all,
link of Creator and every creature.

The sea around us: placid beneath, tumultuous above,
     linked with the land and the sky in a trinity;
so little explored, the enigma of its depth and breadth 
     remains, a mystery treasured in tranquility;
     let the world go by to its own destiny,    

 All parts of the earth are alive, bats in caves,
frogs perched on floating leaves; turtles in pools,
how little the artist knows this diverse world,
more so the scientist stuck with rules.   

Wake up to welcome the day;  
others into darkness shy away.  
Niche a rule of space and time,
 young, old and those in prime 
  Camping, an adventure in search of tranquility,
found only sans amenities and sense of plenty.
 Boisterous these boys seen from the outside, 
reverence to life and adventure lie deep inside.
Mother and Child a universal thing 
engained in every creature's gene 
 Its song this bird sings in the wild,
soothes all creatures far and wide.
 Before a mural wall of Nature, this twin
   is fairer than all beauties on the screen. 
For every child to catch a big carp on the wall,
 in his mind as he wills growing up  big and tall.  

Love binds the living world in every feature,
its members past, present and future,
but only on Nature's terms and sweet time,
a mural or verse may dare to capture.  

Tranquility is splendor on the grass a moment, 
a bench in a minute of rest to refresh. 
in make-believe environment. 

NOTE:  Wall mural complex at artist's residence, Barangay Greater Lagro QC

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