Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mimicking Nature by Means of Transforms

Dr Abe V Rotor 
Living with Nature School on Blog 

Anna at the Museum of Natural History, UPLB Mt Makiling, Laguna

If I were given wings, 
I would rather be a butterfly,
and flutter from flower to flower;
sipping the nectar of youth, 
the Pierian Spring,
'til it runs dry.  

When does smoking begin, when does it end?
with the young and the old, and in between,
a lifetime, or a life deserted at the bend,
pleasurable, insatiable it could have been.  

Author at the Museum of Natural History

Anatomy of a tree Joyce Kilmer failed to see,
in his Only God can Make a Tree;
faith we embrace and not probe its mystery
keeps the peace of the world and thee. 

Arthropods - highest in diversity:
if appendages are survival trends,
why did human become a biped
and left his four-legged friends?

Reptiles, descendants of giants, 
annelids lost their appendages;
limbs to fins in fish, wings in birds,
by unseen hand through the ages.

Plate-like structure made of chitin in Arthropods, hence, "joined legs"

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