Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Pet Birds - are they?

Pet is freedom, pet is love, it is mutual;  
not in the cage but in trees singing.
Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature - School on Blog

Can you tell what these children are thinking about? Palm on check with 
serious expression shows the turning point of reason - "if you were in the 
shoes of someone." Would you be happy if you were inside a cage?

Pet birds in cages weaned from their nest,
to market, to market, but why the haste?
Children are waiting, urging their parents  
to buy them pets - but what a waste! 

A pet is a pet, and curiosity is not enough,
short live impulse, deep ignorance;
and poor child, the world is beyond him, 
to understand the difference.

Pet is freedom, pet is love, it is mutual;  
not in the cage but in trees singing,
a family and whole flock, it's a part of,
not money but freedom - or nothing. 

The children's faces are full of desire
but not of love's true expression;
Reverence for Life they must be taught;
we grownups, it's our mission. ~    

Birds in captivity is a great attraction to children. Here finches of different kinds are sold in small cages. Birds are the freest creatures.  They die in captivity by exhausting themselves to death trying to get out of their confines.   
Artificially colored maya appear unique, they may be mistaken for other species, perhaps rare to the innocent customer. Colors are harmful to both birds and man because of their lead content, among other compounds. 
Day old chicks and finches are made to appear unique and 
"beautiful" by dyeing and painting them with different designs. 

Colored day-old chicks are deceiving. It is not fair to the children, it is not fair to the Creator.   

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