Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Elias and Salome: deleted chapter of Rizal's novel, Noli Me Tangere

 Researched by Dr Abe V Rotor
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This chapter appeared in Rizal's manuscript, but was deleted before publication. It had been placed after Chapter 24. (See Table of Contents below).
                                        Noli Me Tangere painting by Salvador Dali
The reason Rizal deleted this chapter, according to historians, is to save on the cost of printing, without disturbing the flow of events in the story.  In fact the plot is enhanced by deleting the chapter as the climax of the story is built - indeed a reflection of Rizal's genius.

"Elias was on the run from the guardia civil who were sent to arrest him. He had little time to bid goodbye to Salome, his love.  It was a very sad parting. Elias escaped to join Ibarra..."

The whole chapter is hereby reproduced from Rizal's original draft of the novel in his own handwriting.


Acknowledgment: National Historical Commission, Noli Me Tangere, translated by Harold Augenbraun, published by Penguin Books.

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