Thursday, June 9, 2016

Environment: The Other Side of Midnight.

 The human species faces extinction through autotoxicity, from poisons we are creating and steadily accumulating to the point of irreversibility. 
 Dr Abe V Rotor

Only human thinks of himself god,
mingling with the gods of Mt Olympus,
naming himself saint or demigod,
judging himself no other than himself; 
beauty he builds and later destroys, 
ugliness neither can he define nor compare;
for who would dare tell he is wrong, 
when he thinks creation is under his feet,
self-proclaimed and all knowing
save humility and lessons of history, 
his impending and final defeat.   

 Floating plastic garbage, Manila Bay
 Artificial Island becoming into a plastic continent.
 Carthage, a flourishing economic power was razed during the Greco-Roman period.
 Sunken Pantabangan town rises from the grave in severe drought. AVR
Caulerpa taxifolia an invasive seaweed  in the Mediteranean.
 It contains Caulerpin, poison to fish and other marine organisms.
Smog on Good Friday. AVR
Picnic in a pier ruin, Sto Domingo, Ilocos Sur. AVR

Radiation from transmission tower is harmful to health, 
environment,and wildlife. Monuments of endangered 
and extinct wildlife. Fountain of Knowledge, UST Manila.  AVR

Lone tree on a hill, Tandang Sora, QC - AVR

Where have all the whales gone?
Museum of Natural History, Mt Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna. AVR
Garbage from Canada exported to the Philippines, 
suspectedly carried contraband materials.
 Eiffel Tower buried in smog, Paris France. 
 So with other big cities in the world.

Acid rain is generated by CFC gases and carbon particles in the air.
 Smoke belching vehicles tantamount to millions of mini-volcanos.
 It's equivalent to a supervolcano erupting every day. MM - AVR
 Noise pollution disturbs our peace and quiet, 
and our sensitibity to our environment.
 Industrial effluents contain toxic metals and radioactive substances.
 Erosion-siltation follows the removal of natural vegetative cover, Antipolo, Rizal. AVR

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