Friday, June 3, 2016

Nature and Fashion

We see ourselves different, piece by piece, yet influenced in many ways by Nature, the greatest teacher and the best artist. 
Dr Abe Rotor
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Local VIP; Supervisor

Naval Officer; Band Master

Could there be a better backldrop than Nature:
waterfall cascading down the river to the sea,
her sky bearing figures and faces of the cloud,
everchanging landscapes of the season and day?

Who wouldn't wear the colors of the rainbow
dewdrops at sunrise, glow of dawn and sunset.
varied, changing colors of creatures, big and small,
fashion after all is Nature's fashion everyday?  

Could we ever forget, each and every occasion
in our lives the imprimatur of the environment,
seeing ourselves differently, piece by piece,
from Nature the best teacher, the best artist? 
NOTE: I took these pictures of Alvin who amuses himself and his customers with different attires unusual for his pandesal business. He is liked for his fine manners and uniqueness. He would stop on his regular trade route before a wall mural of Nature I painted at home, an opportunity for me to record this study.

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