Monday, August 31, 2015

Paradise Lost in Our Midst

 Dr Abe V Rotor
 The endangered Philippine deer enshrined in a fountain at UST, Manila 
Skull of whale (Museum of Natural History, UPLB Laguna; whole trunks of forest trees carried down by flkood on Fuerte Beach, Vigan Ilocos Sur 
 Cattle ranch on a steep slope ripped of the skin of the mountain,Santa, Ilocos Sur
  Sunken town of Pantabangan Nueva Ecija resurfaces during a extreme drought.

  Sunken pier, Puerto Sto Domingo, Ilocos Sur; Shipwreck, Tacloban, Leyte
 Ruin of Intramuros, Manila, left by WWII 60 years after. 
 Death of trees and forests is happening all over the world.
 Berlin wall falls, Germany is united again in 1989 after 45 years
Atomic bomb obliterates Hiroshima, ends WWII, kills 100,000 in 1945

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